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12 Jun 2023
2 mins
A Haven for All – YSMOU Union Awareness Talk

The union is not just a ‘haven of last resort’ in times of crisis at work, but a ‘haven for all’ in every stage of life and career.

To demonstrate how true this message is, SMOU spoke to some 25 Special Limit Seafarers from the Singapore Maritime Academy (SMA) on 10 May 2023, sharing how the union can impact and benefit them during every different stage of life.

Young SMOU (YSMOU) Chairman Brother Dominic Yong further shared on the role of the union in the seafarers’ employment, and the collaborative efforts with tripartite partners to add value to the maritime industry in Singapore.

What was most relevant to the seafarers were stories of how the union stepped in to help seafarers that were facing some issues in their employment. Brother Dominic shared a few real cases of grievance at the workplace such as unfair termination of employment, unpaid wages and no payout given upon a seafarer’s demise onboard. In each of the stories, the union came to the rescue and successfully helped the members seek justice for their rights.

Beyond just looking after members’ employment, Brother Dominic shared that SMOU looks after its members’ welfare, family and education, through the various benefits and social recreational activities it has for the members. He spoke passionately about YSMOU and how youth members are nurtured and engaged through teambuilding, development workshop, volunteering events and many more.

The union awareness talk led to a Q&A session, where the special limit seafarers voiced out their concerns over opportunities for career progression and the hope for more focus and recognition for special limit seafarers. Seafarers also learnt that the members could consult the union with regards to employment contract terms.

After hearing all about the union’s work and effort, there was this assurance that SMOU will always be with them through thick and thin. SMOU is truly a haven for all.