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11 Mar 2022
4 mins
Act Seven: SMOU Care for You

SMOU rounds off its 7 Acts of Caring and Sharing initiative with the “Care For YOU” initiative by supporting NTUC Health’s Henderson Home and the renovation of their Senior Activity Center (SAC). SMOU donated a sum of money which was committed from the Sail Because of You initiative where SMOU partnered seafaring members to contribute $1 for every 7 nautical miles sailed and registered by them.

On 14 February, SMOU Officials General Secretary Ms Mary Liew, Emeritus General Secretary Mr Thomas Tay, Immediate Past President Captain Robin Foo, Assistant General Secretary Mr Gwee Guo Duan, and Young SMOU Chairman Mr Dominic Yong went down to the Henderson Home, to present a cheque of S$170,000.

Receiving the cheque was Ms Jeannie Ho, Head of Senior Cluster Network of NTUC Health and Mr Allan Ho, Senior Manager of NTUC Health Henderson Home SAC. The donation will be used to renovate the SAC – better the reception area, create an open lounge and pantry as well as to include a flexible activity space, an Arts and Crafts corner – to ultimately, makeover the Center into one that is more fun, safe and comfortable for the seniors; bringing a homelier feel to the space.

The SACs are drop-in Centers for seniors in the neighborhoods around Singapore and function as a hub for seniors living nearby to interact with their peers and provide one another with social support. Thus, the renovation of the Henderson SAC has been highly welcomed by the seniors, especially during this period of COVID-19 when the seniors have to stay indoors to keep safe.

“I come here at least once a week to participate in the exercise activity. I can make friends and learn new things that I never experience in my younger days (art & craft, health talk, etc.). Knowing that the Center will see a fresh coat of paint and the installation of air-conditioners, I feel happy that the Center will now be comfortable, cooling, and nice. A big thank you to SMOU for the nice gesture,” said senior Mdm Tung.

“I come here at least twice a week to participate in the exercise session and other activities. Here, I meet friends and learn to use my smartphone better with the help of SAC staff. I am excited about the renovation as I feel that it will definitely look better and nicer. This motivates me to take part in more activities! I feel grateful and thankful to SMOU for impacting our senior lives,” said Senior Mdm Ow.

The Center’s renovation will see the incorporation of nature into the space, usage of colourful graphics, and elements of natural sunlight and wind so that the space brings about a sensorial experience for seniors – engaging their sense of sight, hearing, and touch.

“Our SAC hopes to provide healthy and creative activities and care services for seniors to age gracefully. I feel honoured and grateful for the donation. The renovation is timely and will help to add fresh vibrancy and life to our Centre. Seniors will feel safe, comfortable, and at ease with the new improved environment. The nice environment will lift up their spirit when they take part in the activities. We are grateful to SMOU support all these years and our seniors feel your love and care,” said Liz a staff of Henderson Home SAC.

SMOU began it’s 7 Acts of Caring and Sharing initiative in January 2021 when they entered their 70th Anniversary year of celebrations. As the initiative comes to it’s closing act, the ‘Caring and Sharing’ does not end here, and SMOU continues in looking out for more avenues to show concern for members, the community, and the less fortunate.

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