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07 May 2021
3 mins
Appreciating our Seafarers

COVID-19 has brought about unprecedented times and circumstances, which made 2020 a tough year for seafarers, the key workers of our maritime industry. They brave a different kind of storm when the pandemic raged on across the world bringing challenges to crew change, shore leave, and many other aspects of their jobs. However they continued to work on board ships to ensure that countries around the world continued to receive essential items and vital imports.

To appreciate our sea-going workers who spend many months away working in challenging conditions to keep the supply chains moving, SMOU set aside $200,000 at the end of last year for seafarers working on board SMOU Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) vessels.

Shipping companies could tap on the fund by organising welfare activities for their seafarers onboard CBA ships. This serves to offset the costs of organising the welfare activities to celebrate and thank seafarers for their invaluable contribution during the pandemic.

SMOU also ran a social media photo competition to encourage seafarers to share pictures of their celebratory moments and life on board the ship. The photos allowed SMOU to catch a glimpse of celebrations on board the ships, while giving the world a peek into the life of seafarers out at sea. Participants of the photo competition stood a chance to win up to S$500 in cash, which can be used for future welfare activities, or to purchase useful items for the vessel. SMOU would like to thank all seafarers for their hard work and participation in the photo competition.

Do keep a lookout for more photo contests as we celebrate SMOU’s 70th Anniversary!

The winners to the Seafarers’ Appreciation Photo Competition are,

1st – @ cebuanongmarino from MV ELLIE LADY (IMO 9390173).

“Thank you so much SMOU for the great opportunity. Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, you have given us an opportunity to create a great camaraderie as well as strengthen the relationships amongst the crew members of all nationalities.” – Bim Chan Bel Carao, 1st Prize winner from MV ELLIE LADY (IMO 9390173).

2nd – @milaneslheo from NORD PENGUIN (IMO 9687186)

This is my first time participating in this photo competition. My co-workers and I are very happy to celebrate SMOU 70th Anniversary. Happy Birthday SMOU!” – Lheomel Milanes, 2nd Prize winner from NORD PENGUIN (IMO 9687186)

3rd – @stephenmarkarabit from vessel NORD PEAK

As a seafarer this photo competition is a good way for us to show you a glimpse of our lives onboard ship. In my photo entry, I wanted to show that together with my crew, that we are one big family! We are very delighted to come in 3rd place in this competition and we look forward to more contests organised by SMOU!” Stephen Mark Arabit, 3rd Prize winner from vessel NORD PEAK

The consolation prize winners are: