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16 Dec 2019
3 mins
Bejeweled with Colourful Memories

YSMOU in collaboration with NTUC’s U Heart project provided the volunteers with opportunity to give back to the community through acts of caring and sharing. Some 21 volunteers paired up with the seniors and accompanied them through the commute to show them Singapore’s crown jewel.

Among the highlights for the seniors was a view of the 40-metre tall HSBC Rain Vortex, the world’s tallest indoor waterfall. After lunch, the seniors and volunteers walked through the Canopy Park which included the Topiary Walk and Petal Garden, both wowing seniors with its spectacular shaped plants and blooms on display. Apart from capturing memorable photos as a memento of their day, seniors had the chance to catch up with the volunteers in the cool and relaxing environment.

Rounding-off a day well spent, the seniors were accompanied by SMOU volunteers back to the Henderson Home, where goodie bags were waiting to be presented to each senior. It was a fulfilling day out for both the seniors and volunteers. One could say that they all had a ‘dazzling’ day!

“I am very grateful to YSMOU for organising such a wonderful outing together with the friendly volunteers. I hope to go on more outings and build more fond memories together. ”

– Mdm Leong Kum Fong, senior from Henderson Home

“Through this volunteering experience, I am grateful for the opportunity to give the seniors a sense of importance as part of the society and express my gratitude for their contribution they had made in their prime. It is very endearing to see the senior folks expressing their fondness of me even though there was a language barrier. From this experience, I learned that things changes around from one generation but the compassion of human stays constant throughout the ages. ”

– Wei Loon, YSMOU Volunteer

“I genuinely had a great time interacting with the seniors, they were intrigued by my sailing stories and we had an amazing time exploring Jewel Changi Airport together. I look forward to more volunteering events organised by YSMOU. ”

–  Luthfi, YSMOU Volunteer


“I had an enjoyable time volunteering together with my wife, Fwee Fwee, for this meaningful initiative. When we brought the senior folks from Henderson Home around Jewel Changi Airport, we could see that they are beaming with joy and they feel amazed by how much Singapore has changed. Truly a wonderful day bringing joy and laughter to the senior folks. ”

–  Yong Seng, SMOU Volunteer