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03 Jan 2020
2 mins
Bringing Festive Cheers Onboard – 3 Jan 2020

Throughout the festive seasons, seafarers at sea continue to work tirelessly around the clock so that their vessels’ cargo will be delivered on time to their respective ports. To thank them for their dedication and hard work, the Industrial Relations (IR) team dropped by various vessels, which have Collective Bargaining Agreements with SMOU.

During the visits, SMOU staff were warmly welcomed by the crew. Kelvin Lin and Brandon Tan from Industrial Relations were on board to share the union schemes with the crew, speak to them about their welfare and working conditions on-board, and provide updates through publications under SeaVoices and ITF’s Seafarers’ Bulletin.

As Christmas is coming, SMOU brought Christmas hats and goodies for the seafarers, as a way to share the Christmas cheers with them. Despite most on board still have to work throughout their contract period till next year, the crew will still find time to celebrate Christmas and New Year on board, as one big family!

SMOU wishes all seafarers around the world a joyous festive holidays and safe journey throughout!

Wan Hai Lines

“It’s very nice to know that there is an organisation like SMOU that cares about you, and to whom you can count on when required. This gesture is a very nice thing that you all are doing for the seafaring community, and I am looking forward to have a long time membership with SMOU.”

– Captain Yudhishtra Rana, PIL Ship Captain

“We greatly appreciate SMOU for the visit to MV Wan Hai 315 to celebrate an early Christmas with us and showing concern to the welfare and well-being of the seafarers on board. Thank you!”

– Captain Li, MV Wan Hai 315