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18 Feb 2020
2 mins
CadetsPlus Mumbai 2020

Wavelink Maritime Institute (WMI) has successfully made inroads into training in India with the inaugural CadetsPlus programme in Mumbai, which comes hot on the heels of the CadetsPlus Programme in Chennai a few months back.

About 120 Cadets from across India convened in Mumbai from 6 to 22 January for the CadetsPlus programme, conducted courtesy of the facilities offered at the Anglo-Eastern Maritime Academy.

The CadetsPlus programme is a pre-sea preparatory programme designed to prepare the cadets embarking on their first voyages as cadet on-board ocean-crossing commercial ships. Cadets received training, conducted by WMI lecturers, in the aspects of cross-cultural communication, personal safety and well-being, as well as maritime legislation.

Cadet Mayur Thube expressed his thanks to ASP Crew Management for being selected for the programme and shared “It was a great experience and fun to attend. It was very useful for us as we got to know many things related to Safety culture, Maritime Legislation, and Communication skills.” 

Congratulations to all Cadets, now ready for their maiden journeys.

CadetsPlus is a regional training programme supported by Singapore Maritime Training Fund for cadets who have been selected by shipping companies with SMOU Collective Bargaining Agreement. This customised training programme, conducted by Singapore trainers from WMI, prepares cadets for a smoother assimilation for work on-board foreign going ships after completing their academic studies.