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26 May 2021
2 mins
Care Bags for our Seafarers!

During COVID-19 pandemic, the key workers in the maritime industry have made personal sacrifices to keep our port and supply chains running. Over the years, SMOU has worked closely with our tripartite partners to support the well-being and welfare of seafarers.

The Harbour Craft sector plays an important role in supporting operations in the port of Singapore. It provides transport, towage and bunkering services, as well as transports stores to ships in the port. To show our appreciation to our seafarers working onboard harbour craft vessels for their hard work, adaptability, and resilience during these challenging times, SMOU, in collaboration with Hong Lam Marine, prepared care bags containing essential items and Hari Raya Gift Hampers for the crew members with safe distancing measures in place.

SMOU General Secretary Ms Mary Liew and Assistant General Secretary Mr Gwee Guo Duan also took the opportunity to strengthen bipartite relations by paying Hong Lam Marine a visit where they caught up with Chief Executive Ms Caroline Yang, who is also the President of Singapore Shipping Association and Executive Chairman Mr Lim Teck Cheng. Harbour Craft crew change matters and the wellbeing of the crew members were discussed during the visit.

“During these difficult times, it is good to have strong tripartite ties to weather the storm brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic. It is heartening to see different stakeholders coming together to look after our maritime frontline workers.” – Caroline Yang, Chief Executive, Hong Lam Marine.

SMOU Assistant General Secretary Gwee Guo Duan presenting care bags to crew members working onboard Harbour Craft Vessel.