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03 Nov 2020
2 mins
Caring and Sharing on Children’s Day!

On 5 October 2020, Young SMOU (YSMOU) organised a Children’s day visit to SMOU-adopted child care centre, My First Skool Jalan Sultan Centre. With the ongoing pandemic and safety measures still in place, SMOU decided to give gifts and helpful items that will assist children and teachers to adjust to the new norm.

SMOU Assistant General Secretary Gwee Guo Duan, YSMOU Chairman Dominic Yong, and other YSMOU representatives made their way down to the centre on the Monday morning bearing gifts. The gifts were presented outside of the centre to the Principal, Ms Shanthi, so that measures safeguarding the children and staff can be observed.

Amongst presented items were 30 sets of acrylic shields to be placed at sitting areas around the centre, and floor stickers that will serve as guides for the children to ensure safe distancing. SMOU also presented gardening tools and items for the “Community in Bloom” project which the centre has collaborated with National Parks for. The project allows engagement of children’s learning and exploration through the planting and gardening on National Parks-approved land around the school.

More than 100 children received a Children’s Day gift pack that was presented internally by the teachers to celebrate the occasion. The packs contained fun items like a children’s camera, an LCD writing tablet and other essential items including a hand sanitiser and insect repellent patches.

Taking care of children is not an easy task especially with the new norm introducing new rules and measures. To appreciate the teachers, SMOU also presented a gift to thank them for their hard work and care that they have put into looking after the children.

Even though it was a brief visit with minimal interaction, SMOU was glad that they could take the opportunity to care and share with the centre and put a smile on everyone’s faces.