2nd Kopi Session – SMOU Continues to Engage CBA Companies on Crew Change Processes

  • Post published:7 October 2020

SMOU organised an online session to update its Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) companies on the development of the latest crew change procedure, following Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore’s (MPA) Port Marine Circular on ‘Crew Change for Cargo Ships in the Port of Singapore’.

Opening the session, SMOU General Secretary, Ms Mary Liew welcomed participants and shared the Singapore Crew Change Work Group’s efforts for crew change in the safest way possible in Singapore. She also touched on how MPA struggles to balance the safety of our local community, the interest of shipping companies and the safety of ships at the Singapore port.

Capt Lee Sang Chiat, General Manager from Wavelink Maritime Institute updated participants on the development of the new Crew Facilitation Centre. He also shared about the availability  of e-medicine avenues, the revised moderated stay-home requirements for specific low-risk countries and the latest processes and requirements of the Crew Change guidebook for signing on and off for seafarers.

The session ended with a question and answer segment where CBA company representatives further clarified the processes and other permutations of crew change processes. Overall, it was an informative session for maritime tripartite partners and companies to gather to interact on the common goal of facilitating smoother and safer crew change for seafarers.

Together as a maritime community, we can overcome this!