SMOU Supports CSU at China Seafarers’ Skills Competition

  • Post published:8 October 2019

Every two years, the chinese maritime community gathers in Zoushan to showcase their skills at the China Seafarers’ Skills Competition. The China Seafarers’ Skills Competition held its fifth run from 24 to 28 June.

There to show support and to strengthen the fraternal and bilateral relations with the Chinese counterparts were SMOU Executive Secretary, Alvin Cheong. Having been invited to the sports meet, Brother Alvin and other union delegates from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, observed the opening ceremony and some of the competitive events.

For five days, the sports meet featured nine games, testing the skills of seafarers. Almost 500 athletic seafarers that formed 43 teams from shipping companies and maritime institutions across the country, battled over challenges such as – evading emergency collision, drawing navigation lines, troubleshooting engine and boiler, testing knowledge, seafarers’ triathlon, racing with a non-motorised life raft, casting off mooring lines and metalworking.

Whilst attending the Skills Competition, Brother Alvin took the opportunity to meet up with Brother Zhang Jing Yi, First Class Inspector and Acting Chairman of the China Seafarer and Construction Workers’ Union (CSU). The meeting provided insights on China’s development in the maritime industry, as well as China’s vision for trade unions in the country.

The trip to Zhoushan afforded opportunity for Brother Alvin to visit the fourth busiest port in the world, Ningbo-Zhoushan.

The China Seafarers’ Skills Competition initiated in 2011, is organised by the China Maritime Safety Administration (MSA) and China Seafarer and Construction Workers’ Union (CSU), supported by the Zhoushan Municipal People’s Government, Zhejiang Maritime Safety Administration, with logistics support by the Zhoushan Trade Union Federation.