Capt Belal Ahmed Takes Over as IMEC Chairman

  • Post published:23 July 2019

Capt Belal Ahmed takes over the helm as Chairman of the International Maritime Employers’ Council (IMEC) from Capt Rajesh Tandon on 10 April. Having joined the Council for over a decade, Capt Belal held several leadership positions, including being on the Board of IMEC and the Director of IMEC. Capt Belal is also the Managing Director of Western Shipping, an owner management tank company.

Apart from strengthening IMEC’s profile in the Asia-Pacific region, Capt Belal’s aspires to further strengthen the excellent ties with IMEC’s social partners – International Transport Workers’ federation, Singapore Maritime Officers’ Union, Singapore Organisation of Seamen and other affiliated unions. He believes an outstanding relationship between IMEC and its social partners can better encourage, support and coordinate the development of collective bargaining arrangements between employers’ and seafarers’ organisations.

By strengthening the existing relationship with IMEC’s social partners, Capt Belal’s aims to ensure that seafarers are fairly treated by all member companies. This includes safeguarding the seafarers’ wages and working conditions.

Besides promoting high standards of training and safety among seafarers of all nationalities employed by its members, Capt Belal also intends to enhance the existing trainings and welfare schemes. Seafarers will then be better equipped with updated skills relevant to the maritime industry.

As IMEC’s new Chairman, Capt Belal believes IMEC needs to continue working with relevant government, national ship owners association and industry bodies to improve the human element side of the maritime industry.