Great Singapore-Korea Exchange

  • Post published:2 August 2019

SMOU welcomed the fraternity of Korean delegates from Federation of Korean Seafarers’ Union (FKSU), led by Mr Chung Tae-Kil, FKSU President, when they visited Singapore in May.

The annual bilateral exchange between SMOU, Singapore Organisation of Seamen and FKSU allowed the three unions and new union officials to forge a deeper understanding of each other through the exchange of ideas and various sharing sessions.

Bringing the exchange to a deeper level, SMOU arranged for a learning visit to two locations – Wavelink Maritime Institute (WMI) and Singapore University of Social Sciences (SUSS). At SUSS, delegates learned about how digital transformation will impact individuals, the community, and seafarers in Korea. WMI opened their eyes to the good mix of classroom learning, e-learning and simulator-based training used to equip trainees with skills to work onboard ships.

The exchange programme deepened the unions’ mutual understanding of each other and strengthened ties.