Preventing Maritime Loss & Personal Injury Insights with Shipping Companies

  • Post published:22 September 2021

On 18 August 2021, SMOU organised a webinar for almost 100 attendees from 29 CBA companies on the process of managing post incident loss and settlements when an accident or incident occurs. Participants were able to exchange ideas and experiences faced on the topic, which helped facilitate the sharing of knowledge and information between companies.


Ms Mary Liew welcomed participants and highlighted the importance of workplace safety as seeking medical care whilst out at sea may pose a challenge to injured seafarers. She also expressed her hope for this webinar to be beneficial for the attendees and that the newfound knowledge will allow shipping employers to be more prepared, especially in times of a crisis. She ended off by thanking the companies for supporting the seafarers and working with SMOU during this unprecedented time of COVID-19.     

Captain Anuj Velankar, Senior Loss Prevention Advisor from UK P&I Club, shared about the common maritime incidents and the trends of injuries today. He shared on his encounters with claims processes and explained how the Club responds to injury claims suffered by crew.

The second presentation was from Captain Lee Wai Pong. With his wealth of experience, Captain Lee Wai Pong of LWP Sg Consultants presented on understanding the process of settlement and mediation, and shared valuable know-hows on the matter. He also talked about his involvement in cases where claims arose due to personal injuries towards the crew.

Captain Ashley F. D’Silva, one of the participants at the session, shared with SeaVoices, “I thought the webinar was information and well conducted. Inputs from various parties were helpful for me to gain insight on the topic.”

Another attendee Mr Mayank Bhatt also commented on the positive experience saying that, “the webinar was a great learning experience, very well structured. The presenters and panellists were very good with the subject knowledge.”

The webinar provided an approach that benefits workers and employers by creating a safe working environment for those that are out at sea. It was a very fruitful session, and as the saying goes: “Prevention is better than cure!