Strengthening Multilateral Ties for the Welfare, Benefits and Rights of Seafarers

  • Post published:8 December 2020

Seafarers continue to play a critical role during this pandemic by transporting essential goods such as food and medical supplies to consumers and hospitals across the world.

To ensure that seafarers’ rights are taken care of during these unprecedented times, SMOU signed a Multilateral Agreement (MA) with the Union of International Seamen (UIS), Officers’ Union of International Seamen (OUIS), Independent Federation of Myanmar Seafarers (IFOMS) and Singapore Organisation of Seamen (SOS) to strengthen the multilateral working relationship between the Unions.

The signing took place in an online platform where SMOU General Secretary Mary Liew, SOS General Secretary Daniel Tan, IFOMS General Secretary Aung Kyaw Linn, OUIS Executive Director Nick Bramley and UIS Secretary-Treasurer Dave Heindel penned the agreement in the presence of International Transport Workers’ Federation (ITF) Head of Maritime Operations John Canias.

The MA signing is in line with the ITF Mexico City Policy in spirit of seeing all unions cooperating for the benefit and welfare of seafarers, providing mutual assistance to ensure that the rights of seafarers are well taken care of.