Mental Wellness in the New Norm

  • Post published:14 July 2021
Mental Wellness Worshop

The new norm governed by precautionary measures to keep us safe from the COVID-19 virus has inadvertently affected the psychological wellbeing of pockets of the population. Studies have shown the increase in cases of anxiety and depression during the pandemic, which has been caused by factors like the uncertainty of the situation and the adjustment to the new norm.

To equip members with tools to manage their mental health, SMOU organised a mental health workshop on the 25 June. Close to 20 members attended the virtual workshop, ready to learn tips that can benefit not just themselves, but also friends and loved ones.

Ms Shirley Han presentation

Ms Shirley Han, the guest speaker at the workshop is a psychotherapist at Adelphi Psyche Medicine Clinic, and is also part of the Association of Psychotherapists and Counsellors Singapore (APACS). She shared with participants on the myths of happiness, and encouraged them to change their perspective on the new norm. She provided self-care strategies such as escaping from the ‘worry-loop’ and ‘the art of doing nothing’, which helps a person manage their stressors and overcome their effects.

Participant member Bobby Chua, who was able to enquire on solutions to improve quality of sleep, said that he was captivated by the candid delivery of the workshop throughout the session. Another participant Koo Weiloon also said, “I found the workshop enriching as the analogies used in the workshop were easy to absorb and reflect on scenarios which I’ve experienced.”

At the end of the workshop, Ms Han supplied resources and helplines for anyone struggling psychologically, to tap onto and reach out to. The session value-added to members, especially in such a crucial time when many people continue to wrestle with battles in the mind.

For more resources on Mental Wellness:

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  1. Helplines
      • SOS (Samaritans of Singapore) 1800 221 4444
      • IMH (Institute of Mental Health) 6389 2222
      • Singapore Association of Mental Health 1800 283 7019
      • National Care Hotline 1800 202 6868
      • Care Corner Counselling Centre (Mandarin) 1800 353 5800
      • Credit Counselling Singapore (for serious debt problems) 6225 5227
      • Family Life Society (Non-profit) 6488 0278
      • Brahms Centre (landline) 6655 0000 (WhatsApp) 8823 0000