Remembering Our Late Members – 13 July 2020

  • Post published:13 July 2020

SMOU has always cared for the welfare of our long-time members and families, even after they have passed on. The union holds fast to its core value of caring and sharing, and continues to show support by extending its reach to the families of these late members.

In memory of our long-time members who have passed on, SMOU General Secretary Mary Liew presented the NTUC GIFT Extension insurance, SMOU Death Benefit payout and care packs containing essential items to the families of our late members.


A long-time member of SMOU for 42 years, late Mr Asbin passed on at the age of 72. SMOU General Secretary Mary Liew presented the NTUC GIFT Extension insurance payout to his wife and son, Mdm Zaiton and Mr Zakariah.

The family of late Mr Asbin shared that he was active in his participation of union events and enjoyed visiting SMOU and networking with other SMOU members. He will be fondly remembered by his fellow seafaring peers in the maritime sector.


The late Mr Low Kay Juan had been an SMOU member for 39 years before he passed on at the age of 85. Ms Mary Liew presented the SMOU Death Benefit Payout to his grandson, Mr Benjamin Low.

Mr Benjamin Low recollected memories of how the late Mr Low was an active member in SMOU, who regularly participated in the union’s activities and enjoyed dining in at Lighthouse Bistro.