Remembering Our Late Members – 24 Mar 2020

  • Post published:24 March 2020

SMOU has always cared for the welfare of our long-time members and families, even after they have passed on. The union holds fast to its core value of caring and sharing, and continues to show support by extending its reach to the families of these late members.


A long-time member of SMOU for 40 years, the late Capt Don Philip passed away at the age of 68 years, leaving behind a loving wife and son. The late Capt Don Philip has been a huge part of the SMOU family history since 1979 and has always been a devoted supporter of the Labour Movement. He possessed a nurturing spirit and held an unwavering sense of responsibility to help fellow workers in gaining employment and to lead fulfilling lives.

His exemplified leadership qualities has enabled him to rise through the ranks in his shipping career. He was elected as a General Council member in 2000, and subsequently as an Executive Committee member in 2008.  His wife vividly remembers and shares that late Capt Don was always displaying keen interest in Union activities and never fails to attend Union meetings and gatherings.

The NTUC GIFT Insurance payout was presented was presented to late Capt Don’s wife by Assistant General Secretary Gwee Guo Duan, along with the union’s condolences. The late Capt Don will be fondly remembered by all and will continue to live on in our memories and carry the torch of his legacy.

Click on picture for Capt Don’s story in his May Day Award 2018 Citation.


A long-time member of SMOU for 56 years, the late Mohd Affandi B Arwi passed away at the age of 89. In remembrance of the late Mohd Affandi, SMOU President Rahim Jaffar visited the family of the deceased member to offer condolences and to present the SMOU Death Benefit Payout.

Late Mohd Affandi’s daughter, Ms Anisah, shared that he avidly participates in SMOU’s annual Lunar New Year Luncheon event, despite facing mobility issues. She also shared that her father was inseparable from her mother and everywhere they went, they were always lovingly together.


The late Mr Wang Hong Boon had held a 39-year-long membership had passed on at age 83 due to a heart attack. SMOU Assistant General Secretary Gwee Guo Duan presented the SMOU Death Benefit Payout to his grandson, Mr Terence Teo.

His grandson shared that the late Mr Wang was an active member in SMOU, who regularly participated in the union’s activities and events.