SMOU Members Get Good Legal Advice

  • Post published:5 September 2019

To help SMOU members understand the benefit of a Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA), SMOU held two rounds of LPA workshop respectively on 23 March and 6 July. The workshop was attended by almost 50 members and family members.

The LPA workshop was well received, given that the topic is of particular interest and relevance to members. Facilitated by Gurbani & Co at SMOU Mariners’ Lounge, attendees learnt what an LPA is, how to make one, and what it means for them and their loved ones. The session helped members to think about appointing a trusted and competent person to act on their behalf in the event of a loss of mental capacity. The best part for many was that members had the opportunity for a one-to-one consultation with the legal advisers.