SMOU Provides Assistance Package for Members with Affected Jobs

  • Post published:24 April 2020

With the slowing global economy, decline in trade, and drastic drop in tourism, Singapore’s economy and businesses began to feel the repercussions of the COVID-19 outbreak. Workers are inadvertently affected as employers are forced to make cost-saving decisions to grapple with the loss of revenue.

SMOU identified the impact that the coronavirus outbreak might have on members, and looked for a way to alleviate the pressure and financial challenges that might be introduced by this unfortunate situation.

The SMOU Executive Committee convened in discussion to provide relief for those affected, and have set aside a sum of S$300,000 under the SMOU Care Fund (COVID-19) Assistance Package to lend a helping hand to distressed members during this difficult time.

The assistance came in timely, as NTUC also launched a COVID-19 Care Fund in March to lighten the burden of this unprecedented turn of events. Along with NTUC’s assistance of $300 for members with dependents, and $100 for members without dependents, SMOU will be providing successful applicants with $200 worth of NTUC FairPrice vouchers. Members who have suffered a significant loss of income may apply for both the NTUC Care Fund (COVID-19) and SMOU Care Fund (COVID-19) Assistance Package by 30 September 2020 with this form.

On top of the NTUC & SMOU Care Funds, the Singapore Government has also committed to a Temporary Relief Fund (TRF) for persons that have suffered income loss or retrenchment. To find out more about the other grants that have been provided by the government for those affected by the COVID-19 situation, you can visit

The COVID-19 outbreak has certainly brought about much change in our lives. Let us continue to take care of ourselves and abide by national preventive measures so that life can return back to normal as quickly as possible.

Together, we can overcome this!