Members Picking New Skills: Taking Photography to New Heights

  • Post published:15 October 2019

As part of the Smart Nation Initiative, SMOU collaborated with Nanyang Polytechnic to organise the Aerial Drone Photography course for its members on 24 August. The course taught members how to take aerial pictures with a drone, a novel type of photography.

Before flying the drone, members went through the theory concepts and techniques on how to operate a drone safely at Nanyang Polytechnic.

At Bishan Park came the highlight of the course -flying the drones! Grouped in pairs, participants worked together to help each other fly their drones safely, with one as the pilot and the other as the spotter. Everyone got their turn to fly the drone, and they were ecstatic!

It was a fun day for the members and everyone left feeling satisfied and excited to practice their new found skill!