Christmas and Year-end Celebration with Seafarers at MTSS Drop-in Centres

  • Post published:3 January 2020

SMOU, in collaboration with Mission to Seafarers Singapore (MTSS), organised a Christmas and Year-End Celebration for the seafarers at MTSS Drop-in Centre at Jurong Port and Pasir Panjang Port respectively over a special treat.

More than 70 seafarers from various countries such as Philippines, Taiwan, China, Russia, Ukraine and Syria turned up to celebrate the festivity. Just before the start of the celebration, Kelvin Lin from SMOU Industrial Relations gathered the seafarers together to give thanks to their contributions and sacrifice away from their families and loved ones during these festive seasons. Joined by the staff and representatives from SMOU, the seafarers participated in exciting games organised by MTSS, where seafarers get to win exciting prizes. The remaining evening was filled with festive music, joyous singing and laughter.

Apart from the dinner treat, SMOU also provided SIM cards, which each eligible seafarer can sign up for, free of charge. The complimentary SIM cards give seafarers an alternative means to contact their families and loved ones when they are overseas at affordable rates.

Upon hearing that some seafarers were unable to step away from their duties to attend the celebration, SMOU and MTSS personally delivered log cakes, cookies and food onboard. The thoughtful gesture warmed the hearts of the crew onboard.

SMOU would like to give thanks to all seafarers during these festive season and wish them all happy holidays.

“This is my first time being at this drop-in centre. The food and activities this evening were very good, and I hope to visit the Marina Bay Sands when I call at the Singapore port the next time.”

– Denis Koval (2nd from left), crew member onboard MV Clipper Aegina

“I think the seafarers really enjoyed themselves when they come here and mingle with other seafarers. The food provided today was very nice, and the games were fun. The SIM Card is also very helpful for them to contact their family members back at home!”

– Captain Cirilo Aglanao (3rd from right), captain of the Apollo