Introduction to Dry Docking

  • Post published:28 June 2022

On 10 June 2022, some 23 ship officers and maritime professionals enrolled for Wavelink Maritime Institute’s (WMI) inaugural programme, Introduction to Dry-Docking.

Dry-docking is one of the most important activities in any vessel’s lifecycle. Conducted at least once every five years, this allows the ship to undergo necessary repairs, maintenance and inspections to the underwater structure.

In order for any dry-docking activity to take place, extensive planning, preparation and management is required. This helps ensure that all essential work is completed, and costs are well-managed.

It is crucial for Ship Officers to be equipped with the necessary expertise, as they play a critical role in preparing the vessel for any dry-docking operations.

Programme facilitator Mr Tan See Look, shared his experiences in planning, overseeing, and the different phases of dry-docking a vessel with participants. The participants were eager to familiarise themselves with the situations that Mr Tan shared, and took notes on the safety concerns associated with dry-docking that were being highlighted. In addition, the programme also covered the administrative processes of a dry-dock as well as how to manage a vessel in dry-dock.  

The participants appreciated Mr Tan for sharing his extensive insight and professional experience during the programme.