Logical Thinking and Decision Making in the Maritime Environment

  • Post published:3 September 2021

The maritime industry is an environment that operates round the clock – with ships often on the move 24/7 around the world and operational decisions often having to be made swiftly and under time pressures.

To gain a greater insight into the logical thinking processes and how it leads up to good decision-making, some 18 maritime professionals representing shore management and shipboard officers participated in Wavelink Maritime Institute’s inaugural programme on Logical Thinking and Decision-Making in the Maritime Environment.

logical thinking decision making group photo

The programme conducted on 27 August 2021 was led by Ms Kit Teng from Psalms Consultancy LLP.It saw participants appreciate the frameworks of logical thinking and decision-making, learn the methodology to identify issues arising, consider deviations from norms or standard operating procedures, and generate effective solutions for problem-solving as part of logical decision-making.

Ms Kit Teng

Participants were also given the opportunity for practical discussion and group exercises in smaller settings during the programme.

The participants attending the session were representing the 3 SMOU CBA Companies of PACC Ship Managers, Pacific International Lines and POSH Fleet Services.