Team Building and Networking amongst Youth

  • Post published:21 July 2021
YSMOU Virtual Outreach

On 30 June, Young SMOU (YSMOU) organised a virtual Youth Outreach event, to gather YSMOU members for a time of teambuilding and networking. The participants attended the event with eagerness to meet youth alike.

The programme started with an ice breaker game where youth got to know one another through an introduction of themselves. The segment turned into a time of meaningful exchanges, as participants went on to share on their sailing experiences and provide words of encouragement to one another.  

Team building activity

Once everyone warmed up, they were split into teams to take on the virtual strategy game – the Thrill of the Chaze. Through the rules of the game, participants were put in a position where they had to rely on teamwork and the trust between one another. The challenges also required each team to exercise their communications skills, while exchanging clues with other teams to progress.

After all the fun and games, a networking session was held towards the end of the event where the youth shared on their career journey and aspirations. Some of the participants managed to clarify on some doubts they had regarding education, employment and more. To close off the session, YSMOU officials shared with members on some of the upcoming events and latest union initiatives such as the SMOU 70th Anniversary Training Incentive. It was a fruitful engagement where friendships were deepened amongst the youth.

3rd Officer Johanes

“I enjoyed meeting other Singaporean seafarers through the YSMOU event. The engagement taught me to be more open minded about meeting new people through the programme that required me to exercise teamwork with my teammates whom I had just met for the first time. Thank you SMOU for hosting such an event, and I hope to attend more in the future!”

Johanes, 3rd Officer


“I enjoyed the part where we solved the mystery in teams, and it taught me the importance of trusting one another. The programme was a pleasant way to remind us that we don’t always have to work alone to achieve our goals, but we can work together to tackle the problem at hand by assisting one another.”

Divaker, Deck Cadet

Deck Cadet Divaker