Young Seafarers Unite in the Game of Archery Tag

  • Post published:19 September 2023

Archery Tag is not a game for the individual! This sport combines elements of archery with dodgeball is a strategy game that promotes teamwork. And that is what happened on 17 August 2023, when close to 20 Young SMOU members gathered for a game of archery tag in the pitch.

To prep and prime them for the archery tag game, the youths were taught how to shoot properly and safely with a bow and foam-tipped arrows. After some practice sessions to hone their skills in archery, the youths were divided into teams for the game play. Even before the game began, respective teams were seen strategising on how to work together, to effectively hit their opponents, to avoid hits from their opponents and to gain points for their team.

As the friendly match began, players had a chance to relive their favourite superhero archer moments. Communications and group coordination were established during the game play. Deep bonds were created amongst team mates as players worked together to accomplish victory.

The adrenaline-pumping teambuilding proved to be an exercise on teamwork, communication and bonding.

The youths who came, appreciated the opportunity to catch up with fellow members and to expand their network.

“I had a great time catching up with my peers over a game of archery tag. Getting people together through a sport is always a great way to improve bonding. Can’t wait for the next one!” – 4th Engineer Arjun Selambram, SMOU member of 2 years

 “The event was enjoyable. I took the opportunity to get to know new peers while playing, and wish that we had a longer playing time. This was indeed a great way to meet new people in a casual environment while breaking out a sweat.” – 3rd Officer Mohammad Hafirul, SMOU member of 5 years


After the teambuilding session, the youths proceeded to deepen connections and network over dinner.

For many of the youths, they may have joined the session as individuals, but they ended the event as a team!