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02 Aug 2019
1 min
Celebrating Day of the Seafarer at Jurong Port

SMOU commemorated the Day of the Seafarer on 27 June with a special dinner at the Mission to Seafarer Singapore (MTSS) International Drop-in Centre at Jurong Port.

More than 60 seafarers hailing from Philippines, China, Thailand and Myanmar heard the call from SMOU Industrial Relations Officer, Kelvin Lin, who encouraged seafarers to get on board with this year’s campaign theme of gender equality in the maritime community.

Each vessel also received a complimentary gift hamper sponsored by MPA, SMOU, SOS, Jurong Port and PSA.

Upon hearing that some seafarers were unable to step away from their duties to attend the dinner, SMOU personally brought dinner onboard two vessels. The thoughtful gesture warmed the hearts of the crew onboard.

SMOU thanks all seafarers for their contributions to the maritime industry. Happy Day of the Seafarer!