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20 Jan 2022
4 mins
Celebrating Seafarers Virtually at the Year End Party

On 10 December 2021, SMOU held the Seafarers Virtual Year End Party. More than 400 seafarers tuned in from all over the world to join in at the virtual event. Some participated in the event from on board vessels, and of the seafarers that were logged in, they represented more than 15 countries including the Philippines, India, China, Ukraine, Russia, Denmark, the United States, and many more.

The event was organised especially for the seafarers, in view of the challenges they have gone through since COVID-19 started. This event is the first of its kind, and meant to show appreciation to all seafaring members. Be it on shore or on a vessel, it was all smiles and laughter as participants engaged in the programme.

SMOU General Secretary Mary Liew kickstarted the festivities with her opening address. She warmly welcomed all seafarers, and explained how this event was specially planned for seafarers from CBA companies, having worked tirelessly the past 2 years to keep the supply chain going despite the pandemic. SMOU would like to convey our appreciation to them for their hard work, and the event was to reach out to them and the companies that work with them. Without the seafarers, there would be no Christmas or festivity, and everyone around the world could not be more thankful.

The event had segments featuring a live band, interactive games and a lucky draw. Participants engaged in a game of Pictionary with 7 of SMOU’s Industrial Relations Officers (IROs) engaged with the audience and took turns to draw. The chatbox teemed with excited responses as the seafarers tried to guess the correct answer to the drawing. This was also a chance for seafarers to be acquainted with the IROs from SMOU – the officers who would provide industrial assistance from the Union to seafarers if there was ever a need.

Many attendees were also seen on the chatbox saying hello and introducing themselves while others wished one another Merry Christmas. Others like C/E Zaw Naing from PIL, 3/O R.Jay Ramous from PACC, and 2/O Danilo L. de Jesus from Maersk thanked SMOU for organising the event, while C/O Md Emteaj Parvej from Maersk Horsburgh commended SMOU for this “amazing initiative”. Upendra Dubey said “such a lovely show put up for seafarers by SMOU. Thank you Ms Mary for the great address. Amazing band and cheers to all the hard work put up by SMOU”.

The programme also featured a quiz with SMOU-related questions, where participants had to put their speed to the test as they had to select the most correct answer in the shortest time possible.

The band Jive Talkin’ took the stage at intervals during the programme to bring tunes like YMCA, Dancing Queen and Christmas songs to ring in the festive spirit. Many seafarers could be seen dancing to the music and grooving to the tunes, while some even went so far as to taking off their shirts.

Finally, something that everyone was looking forward to – the Lucky Draw segment. The energy was at its peak and stirred a buzz amongst everyone and many had their eyes glued to the screen, eager to see if their names were being picked. The attractive top 5 prizes from the lucky draw included a $2,000 Flight Gift e-card from AP Moller (Singapore) Pte Ltd, an Apple iPhone 13 Pro from PACC Ship Managers Pte Ltd, a Samsung Galaxy Z Flip from Pacific International Lines Pte Ltd, an Apple Watch Series 7 from Wallenius Marine (S) Pte Ltd, and a $1000 Amazon gift card from M.T.M Shipmanagement Pte Ltd. The event had a total of 113 prizes – 70 prizes for 2 of the pre-draws, 7 prizes for 7 questions of ‘Get Scribbling’ game segment, 21 prizes for 7 questions of “Fastest Fingers” game segment, 10 prizes for Ship Draw, and 5 prizes for Mystery Draw. SMOU would like to thank all CBA companies for their kind sponsorship and support towards this event and our seafarers.  

This virtual year-end party was a particularly special one, where SMOU was able to express gratitude and support for overseas seafaring members, and seafarers who were still onboard ships. Do look out for future parties that SMOU will be organising in future for seafarers! SMOU wishes all a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Congratulations to all prize winners! Should you have any queries on the prizes, please feel free to contact our Industrial Relations department at: