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28 Feb 2023
3 mins
Celebrating Tripartite Relations with C.U.R.E

On 30 November 2022, SMOU celebrated and reaffirmed ties with tripartite partners at the Company Union Rapport Exercise (C.U.R.E) Cocktail, held at NTUC Club. Due to the pandemic putting a halt on physical events, this is the first time after two years that the C.U.R.E cocktail event has returned. With over 130 people being invited from the maritime industry, the event encouraged a more personal catch up session amongst the shipping representatives.

SMOU General Secretary Ms Mary Liew expressed her thanks and praise to tripartite partners for their willingness to collaborate and make positive change in the shipping industry. In her address, she also encouraged other companies to jump on the bandwagon of alternative fuels like LNG for greener shipping, highlighting the importance of ensuring that seafaring crew are equipped with skills for the upcoming Dual-Fuel vessels as “the maritime industry shifts towards decarbonisation”.

The event saw guests exchanging warm smiles, greetings and name cards. A chorus of conversations and laughter filled the room, and the casual networking event was a great setting to form professional relationships with others.

Crew Management Partner at V.Group, Anna Ruszczyńska said,  “This is my first time attending the C.U.R.E Cocktail event, and I think that this event is a brilliant idea in helping people expand their social network with others from the same industry. Everyone here is very welcoming and forthcoming, which makes it really easy to start conversations and make acquaintances.”

Cheah Aun Aun (Second from Left) at the SMOU C.U.R.E Cocktail event together with shipping company representatives

Director of Shipping and Marine at the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA) Mr Cheah Aun Aun said, “Events such as C.U.R.E are such a great way to mingle with other company representatives and exchange information on whether the policies we have in place today are still relevant for tomorrow’s seafarers. That was how we (tripartite partners) were able to come up with an effective crew change policy during Covid-19 pandemic. Without everyone coming together and working cohesively, it would not have been possible. Thank you SMOU for hosting such a great event. It is a great way to meet everyone and the event helped bring everyone together to further strengthen ties.”

SMOU would like to thank all shipping companies and partners for making the annual C.U.R.E event another successful run. SMOU is humbled and honoured to be a space where shipping partners are able to come together to discuss on the betterment of the maritime industry.