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22 Jan 2024
2 mins
Cheers to Our Volunteers: A Heartfelt Thank You

Each year, there is a group of SMOU members who would step forward to contribute to our care and share events. In 2023, SMOU was privileged to have over 40 enthusiastic volunteers, who offered their time and support. To acknowledge the volunteers for their contributions, Young SMOU (YSMOU) held a Volunteers Appreciation Dinner on 20 December 2023 at the Lighthouse Bistro.

YSMOU Chairman Brother Dominic Yong applauded the members for their dedication in making the difference in the lives of beneficiaries as he summed up some of the care and share events that were held this year. He also accentuated the importance of the spirit of caring and sharing in SMOU, and urged for their continuous support in future community outreach events too.

During dinner, members had the opportunity to network and reminisce their stories of volunteering. As they shared their fulfilling experiences, it created a special bond among this caring community who share a common purpose.

Following dinner, a token of appreciation was presented by SMOU Assistant General Secretary Brother Mohd Farhan (pictured in red), and Brother Dominic to each volunteer, recognising their contributions in bringing joy to beneficiaries.

More than just a celebration of volunteerism, the event reflects the rise of a community bound by shared values and commitment to make a difference in the world. 

Kudos to all our volunteers for your time and unswerving support. SMOU would also like to acknowledge the volunteers who were out at sea or away, and not able to join in for the appreciation dinner.

The union looks forward to bringing smiles to more beneficiaries through the upcoming care and share events, supported by our volunteers.