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25 Jun 2020
3 mins
Day of the Seafarer 2020

Dear Seafaring Members

This year, we celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Day of the Seafarer (DotS) on 25 June 2020. The International Maritime Organization has designated the theme “Seafarers are Key Workers” for this year’s campaign – a timely commemoration of the seafarer’s contribution to the world especially during these unprecedented times.

Seafarers have been playing an important and significant role in the global supply chain during the COVID-19 pandemic. They man the ships that have continued to travel across seas to transport daily necessities including food, medical supplies and protective equipment that help save lives stricken by the virus. Unfortunately, the global crisis has led to difficult working conditions for seafarers including uncertainties and difficulties about port access, re-supply, crew changeovers and repatriation.

We want to express our heartfelt thanks to you for your invaluable contribution to the world. We know that there can be much inconvenience during this period and would like to salute you for your unwavering support to ride through this storm together with the union and your employers. Our hearts go out to all seafarers in these difficult times as crew change continues to be a major global issue. SMOU has been working closely with our tripartite partners to facilitate crew change and improve guidelines so that this can be conducted safely and swiftly at our ports.

As a small gesture in appreciation of your invaluable contribution to the world, we have prepared a Wellness Bag for SMOU sea-going members who are residing in Singapore or those who are signing on or off vessels in Singapore. You may register your interest for the Wellness Bag before 31 July 2020 via and our SMOU Membership Services Division will liaise with you for the collection. However, we seek all members’ understanding to abide by all precautionary measures in order to ensure the safety of yourself and our staff when visiting SMOU’s premises.

SMOU stands with our sea-going workers, the unsung heroes of the global supply chain. We call on all countries to recognise seafarers as key essential workers by working to alleviate the uncertainties and inconveniences brought upon them during this period. We are here for you and will do our best to help you together with our tripartite partners and international organisations.

Stay safe and we wish you strength, courage and solidarity as we continue the fight to lead our seafarers through this exceptionally challenging time.

In solidarity,

Rahim Jaffar, President & Mary Liew, General Secretary