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19 Feb 2024
2 mins
Exploring Nature with Seniors at River Wonders

Seniors from Jamiyah Nursing Home (Darul Syifaa) were all pumped up for some safari adventure at the River Wonders, on 12 January 2024. This special outing was made possible by the Young SMOU volunteers who dedicated their time in bringing the seniors out for an unforgettable outing.

As they wandered through the park, the seniors were captivated by the variety of land and aquatic animals. The volunteers helped spot some well-camouflaged and elusive wildlife and pointed them out to the seniors.

One of the main highlights for the seniors was the opportunity to witness Singapore’s giant pandas and the adorable red panda, which left them enchanted.

Throughout the excursion, youth volunteers engaged with the seniors, creating sweet and joyful moments amongst each other. One of the YSMOU volunteers shared of the opportunity to befriend seniors as well as give some respite to caregivers. Surely the seniors had a blast and enjoyed seeing the different animals and fishes at the River Wonders.

Upon returning to the nursing home, the volunteers handed over a care bag filled with essential provisions and snacks to the seniors. Smiles were seen on seniors’ faces when they received the photo taken at River Wonders, which captured memories of the outing.

Besides presenting care bags to the seniors who went for the excursion, volunteers also visited residents at the dementia ward and distributed care bags to them.

The union also extended appreciation towards the dedicated staff of the nursing home by providing some light refreshments.

The seniors from Jamiyah Nursing Home would remember the River Wonders excursion as the one where YSMOU volunteers took them for a fun river adventure.

The outing showcased what compassion and community can do to make a positive impact in the lives of those in need. We would like to thank the volunteers for the compassionate and hard work of packing the care bags and for bringing smiles to the seniors from Jamiyah Nursing home.