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18 Feb 2020
1 min
Extending Festive Cheers Out to Sea

Knowing that vessels still call at Singapore throughout the festive season, SMOU reached out to as many seafarers by paying a visit to vessels with Collective Bargaining Agreements to bring a touch of Lunar New Year festivities. The team presented seafarers with gifts and mandarin oranges, a gesture to show that they are always remembered no matter the season.

Ship visits not only strengthened the sense of camaraderie, it allows the Union to find out more about the crews’ well-being and concerns. Seafarers also shared how the past year was exceptionally busy due to the new Low Sulphur Fuel requirement by the International Maritime Organisation which needs to be met by the beginning of 2020.

Union officers also took the opportunity to introduce the digitalisation of SeaVoices, now available to reach out and communicate to seafarers internationally.

SMOU wishes all seafarers around the world safe voyages and a Happy Lunar New Year