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29 Aug 2022
3 mins
SMOU Family Connection – National Day Celebration 2022

There is but one cool way to celebrate Singapore’s 57th birthday and that is at the SMOU Family Connection held at the Marina Barrage on 30 July 2022 where close to 500 members and their families attended.

On that breezy day, SMOU members, their families and guests streamed into the Marina Barrage bounding with excitement. The carnival-like atmosphere opened out to breath-taking views of Singapore’s key landmarks Marina Bay Sands (MBS), Singapore Flyer, Central Business District (CBD) and Gardens by the Bay.

There at a dedicated space reserved for SMOU members, the young and old participated in family activities such as sand art, balloon sculpture, glitter stations, photo-taking opportunities and ‘clawed’ for the best prizes at the claw machines.

Members brought their own picnic chairs and mini tables for a more comfortable picnic spot, as well as to take the best photo for the event’s photo contest. One family even brought a live Orchid plant to enhance their ‘table’!

Others were determined to get their fill of food and snacks like popcorn and candy floss and refreshed themselves with ice cream. Families and friends were seen lounging around on picnic mats as the familiar aroma of durians wafted through the air.

As SMOU families spent family time together, new friendships were made and old ties reconnected. With the National Day Parade Preview happening nearby at The Float @ Marina Bay, SMOU members caught sight of Fighter Island Flypast and Fly Our Flag by the RSAF. To top it all, there was the dazzling display of fireworks.

In line with Singapore’s NDP theme “Stronger Together, Majulah!”, one could say that the SMOU Family Connection – National Day Celebration called all SMOU families to forge ahead as a united and strong people towards a better future. 

“We are always on a lookout to participate in SMOU Family Day events. Every celebration is fun and well-organised; just like this National Day Celebration.”

– SMOU member of 14 years Hoke Kyaing with his wife, 2 daughters and wife’s sister-in-law

“SMOU is doing an excellent job in bridging the maritime community. In fact, the Union is the key magnet that brings us, the young and old, as one.  The reach goes beyond the well-run Family Day. I, for one, benefitted from the industrial relations service the Union provides. It’s only natural for me to sign my wife up as a SMOU associate member. And when my son is old enough, he too will be an associate member.”

– SMOU member of 5 years Sundeep Sequeira with his wife and son.

“I am happy! This is like a racial harmony day!” 

– Sundeep’s 7-year-old son, Shawn

“My family is enjoying the nice weather and view. We rarely have picnics so today is special for us. It is a lot of fun to be sitting outdoor and enjoying the fireworks. Thank you for organising this, SMOU.”

– SMOU Member of 42 years Danny Sim