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01 Dec 2020
2 mins
Family Engagement Session for TNTA Cohort 19

A sea career has provided for my family and it has given me many exciting opportunities in my career when I came ashore. I’ll gladly do it all over again anytime,” Wavelink Maritime Institute (WMI) General Manager, Capt Lee Sang Chiat inspired almost 40 young Singaporeans and their family members at the Tripartite Nautical Training Award (TNTA) family engagement session.

Social distancing measures may seek to mitigate the COVID-19 transmission, but it certainly did not distance the participants from the passion shared by Capt Lee, who spoke earnestly about the sea career and how the maritime industry offered such wonderful career opportunities ashore especially to those who had experiences at sea.

Also sharing about what work and living at sea was like onboard commercial vessels was WMI Engineering Lecturer Muhammad Hisham Bin Amir. He reassured family members about how despite being away from home for long voyages each time, he could still connect with his loved ones whenever a ship called into port.

The session concluded with a tour of WMI’s simulation facilities. Family members were heartened to know that their loved ones have made the right decision to join the TNTA programme.