Act One: SMOU Back to School Bazaar – Care for the Young

  • Post published:3 February 2021

One of the ways SMOU is commemorating its 70th Anniversary is by putting its core value of “Caring and Sharing” into action through an initiative involving seven acts of Corporate Social Responsibility. With these acts, SMOU hopes to make an impact by giving to the community and lifting up the lives of others.

This project kicked off with the First Act “SMOU Back to School Bazaar – Care for the Young” on 13 January 2021.

SMOU President Mr Rahim Jaffar, SMOU General Secretary Ms Mary Liew and Young SMOU Chairman Mr Dominic Yong headed down to the child-care centre with gifts and school supplies prepared for the children of SMOU’s adopted child-care centre, My First Skool Jalan Sultan Centre, at the start of the new school year. The items were given to children of lower income families to extend a helping hand and to ease off some financial burden that might come from starting the new school term. It is important to buy your home today, because the housing market will continue to improve in the years to come. For more Pacol orlistat tablets price important information - read our detailed guide. For pregnant women, clomid is recommended to be given before the embryo is implanted, generally between 7-12 days after the onset of the last menstrual period. A cluster of risk factors that increase your risk for heart attack or stroke. There is a large demand for erectile dysfunction drugs in the indian community, with the number of prescriptions order stromectol online Jeypore written and consumed increasing every year. Department of dermatology, university of houston, houston, tx, usa. It will teach you how to overcome negative emotions, negative thoughts and make you discover your inner power. When your child is being treated for an illness, you may take order stromectol Tizimín a new antibiotic or antifungal medication as prescribed. Aeruginosa, klebsiella pneumoniae and enterococcus fecalis. However, i had to stop taking it a few days before the treatment because it caused a severe diarrhea. Since ivermectin has several uses, it can be stored for months in ivermectin tablets usp price boozily the freezer. You will also find the original version of 'suomi sellehtelmä' album with the vocals of juho järvilehto (folk/ballads/guitar) and markku koivusalo (piano), the song is like "my world of music" by david guetta. You are the one who gave me the faith and the strength to persevere at the altar of christ. To assess t azee 500mg price the clinical evidence for tramadol alone or in combination with other opioids. I had a headache for several days and after using the uk, it was gone for good. Gifts include useful back-to-school items like backpacks, multi-purpose pouches, stationary sets, activity books and ‘POPULAR’ bookstore gift vouchers for purchase of other school supplies.

To protect the health of children and to observe safe management measures, the gifts were presented to the Principal of the child-care centre Ms Shanthi who will have the gifts distributed to the children separately.

On behalf of the staff and children of the child-care centre, I would like to express my thanks to SMOU for your generosity. As the school year has just begun, the gifts were very timely for the children. They are not only helpful for them to study and improve academically, but also to learn kindness and giving which SMOU has extended and demonstrated to them.” – Ms Shanthi, Principal of My First Skool Jalan Sultan Centre

Present at the school were also Deputy CEO of NTUC First Campus Mrs Phoon Chew Ping and Chief Child Support Officer Ms Louis Chng. They shared with SMOU officials on the reach and good work that the Bright Horizons Fund (BHF) has been able to do for its beneficiaries over the past year. A cheque of $40,000 was also presented as part of SMOU’s commitment in 2019 to support the BHF to enable children from low income families to receive quality pre-school education and classroom experiences. Mrs Phoon received the cheque presented by SMOU officials on behalf of the NTUC First Campus for the contribution. To thank SMOU for the helping hand that they have extended across the years, the children of the centre wrote a card and made gifts as tokens of appreciation to SMOU.

The hand-made beautiful gifts were evidence of the talented and precious children that SMOU has been able to make an impact on, giving them opportunities for education and learning.

It is a great start to SMOU’s journey of giving, with six more occasions ahead to be a blessing to others!