Encouraging Lifelong Learning at the SMOU Bursary & Scholarship Awards Presentation 2021

  • Post published:7 October 2021

For almost 40 years, SMOU has championed for the education of its members’ children through the SMOU Bursary and Scholarship Awards Presentation.

This year, the awards presentation was celebrated virtually on 18 September, among SMOU members and their children, joined by SMOU officials – President Mr Rahim Jaffar, General Secretary Ms Mary Liew, Emeritus General Secretary Mr Thomas Tay, Treasurer Mr Yong Soon Huat, Assistant Treasurer Mr Tan Geh Ting and Chairman of SMOU Membership Committee Mr Tan Hung Tat.; selection committee members – Deputy Director of Maritime Port Authority of Singapore Cheah Aun Aun, Director of SMA Capt Mohd Salleh, and Head of Crewing at Executive Ship Management Mr Arjun Jayashankar.

During his address at the awards presentation, SMOU Assistant General Secretary Gwee Guo Duan highlighted – “Here at SMOU, we believe that education is important in benefitting not just the individual, but their families and our nation. Education is the key that unlocks opportunities for employment and allow them to contribute meaningfully back to society. As such, SMOU without fail, has continued to present these awards to our members’ children since 1982.”

This year, a total of 32 Bursary and Scholarship awards, 29 Wavelink book awards as well as 3 SMOU Care Fund Bursary awards were presented to members’ children to serve as an encouragement and reward them for their academic performance. The awards were co-funded by NTUC U Care Fund under the U Care Education Co-Funding Scheme, with the Wavelink Book Awards sponsored by Wavelink Co-operative Ltd.

Special mention was made of Scholarship and Wavelink Book awardee Shahrawll, son of Khairoullah Shamsurie, an SMOU member of 40 years. Since his secondary school days, Shahrawll has been receiving SMOU bursaries, which helped defray his education expenses. This year, he was presented with a scholarship award for his good academic performance in GCE ‘O’ levels. According to Khairoullah, all his five children have also been beneficiaries of SMOU bursary awards.

“It is worth it to be an SMOU member. I have never been a member anywhere else. Although I had left seafaring since 1991, I remained as a member. This union means a lot to me because it cares for its members.”

Mr Khairoullah, SMOU member of 40 years 

See Toh Peng Keong, an SMOU member for 27 years was all praises for the union. “SMOU is very generous towards its members and the benefits are relevant and useful.” It was only last year that Peng Keong started tapping on SMOU Bursary and Scholarship Awards. This year, Ee Kin received the Bursary and Wavelink Book Award for his outstanding academic performance.

Mr Mohd Ghazali, an SMOU member for 28 years, whose sons Ikhwan and Amir have been recipients of the bursary awards since 2015, expressed gratitude for the many years of support in education for his sons. Today at Secondary 4 and ITE Year 1 respectively, both boys are truly grateful for continued support of the bursary award.

SMOU member of 38 years, Eric Tan is appreciative of what SMOU has done for members like him. Besides his youngest son Beal, he has two other older children, who had been recipients of SMOU Bursary since Primary 1. This year, at the Primary 4 level, Beal was happy to be awarded the Bursary and Wavelink Book Award. Eric says, “On behalf of my family, we would like to say a big THANK YOU to SMOU for the bursary award for our Beal Tan and also to all those responsible for today’s event which was fun and awesome.”

Clearly from the buzz captured on camera during the event’s programme, the kahoot quizzes appealed to the secondary/tertiary level participants, while the virtual bento-making workshop captured the attention of the younger ones and tied families together for a time of bonding. SMOU also added the extra touch by delivering the bento package and care pack specially for each recipient the day and catered lunch for the entire family on the awards presentation day.  Trust SMOU to put a special family spin to its Bursary and Scholarship Awards Presentation a la SMOU 70th Anniversary flavour.

Photos of Bento Sets


Kahoot Quiz 1 Winners

1st Winner: See Toh Ee Kin, Son of See Toh Peng Keong – $10 Popular Book Vouchers x2

2nd Winner: Fariha Zullaina Zosopari, Daughter of Farrochilaina – $10 Popular Book Vouchers

3rd Winner: Zhang Yu He, Son of Zhang Xin Wei – $10 Popular Book Vouchers


Kahoot Quiz 2 Winners

1st Winner: Carolyn Ng Ginn Ting, Daughter of Lim Siew Hoon – $10 Popular Book Vouchers

2nd Winner: See Toh Ee Kin, Son of See Toh Peng Keong – $10 Popular Book Vouchers

3rd Winner: Brian Choon Wei, Son of Choon Ching Chen – $10 Popular Book Vouchers


Photo Contest Winners (in no particular order)

  • Khondoker Ahnaf Aseer, Son of Rahman Khondoker Ataur – $70 LHB Vouchers & $5 Popular Vouchers
  • Djie Atria, Daughter of Djie Kwang Liong – $70 LHB Vouchers & $5 Popular Vouchers
  • Beal Tan, Son of Tan Boon Kuan Eric – $70 LHB Vouchers & $5 Popular Vouchers

Magdeline Ng Xuan Lynn and Carolyn Ng Ginn Ting, Daughters of Lim Siew Hoon – $5 Popular Vouchers

Congratulations to all winners & recipients!