Multi-Sensory National Day Outing with Seniors

  • Post published:25 September 2023

What makes seniors happy? It’s when they get to go out!

For some 57 seniors, 25 August was a special day where they could leave behind their usual senior day care activities and set out for a new adventure – the national day outing to Mount Faber.

SMOU really knew how to create a memorable National Day outing.

From the Singapore cable car station at Mount Faber, seniors soared to new heights, enjoying stunning views of Sentosa Island, Singapore cityscape and Mount Faber Peak. As they rode through the skies at 100 metres above the Keppel Harbour, exclamations of ‘wahs’ could be heard throughout the unforgettable journey between Mount Faber Line and Sentosa Line.

The ride ended at Mount Faber, where the seniors were ushered to the hilltop garden-themed restaurant, Arbora Garden & Bistro. While enjoying their two-course lunch, seniors soaked in the majestic views of the rainforest hillside, Harbourfront and Sentosa from their vantage point.

Rounding-off the National Day outing, SMOU presented each senior with a goodie bag including Milo and biscuits. The seniors were very happy to have had the opportunity to go out and had an unforgettable multi-sensory experience. Many of them expressed that the outing was their first time.

The SMOU-led event, supported by the NTUC U Care CSR Grant, seeks to cultivate the spirit of giving and volunteerism by spreading cheer and joy to the less privileged.

SMOU regularly organises such CSR activities and encourages its members to volunteer. What volunteers found through their acts of kindness are priceless.

“It is heartening to see seniors going out, taking the cable car, smiling and being happy. This is a very good initiative, engaging with the seniors. In fact, if there are more of such volunteering activities, I would love to be part of it once again.” – Chin Woo, SMOU member for 3 years

“Today’s event was enjoyable, meaningful and happy. Thanks to the seniors I am able to come here and enjoy myself too. It is a very good event organised by SMOU. SMOU has been doing a lot of charity work for many years and it is very meaningful event. It helps to bring joy to all the old folks and it makes them feel happy and accepted.” – Jean, SMOU member for 7 years