Training Incentive for Our Local Seafaring Members

  • Post published:31 August 2021

To encourage seafarers to continue upgrading themselves and advance in their seafaring career, SMOU launched the SMOU training incentive as one of its 70th Anniversary initiatives. SMOU recognises the importance of training during this time of the pandemic and how it will open new doors for seafarers.

The initiative allows SMOU members to apply under two different categories, where they will receive a $700 cash incentive for fulfilling the training criteria. The first one is the “Achievement” incentive – Open to members (Singaporeans and PRs) who obtain their first, or upgrade themselves to a higher Certificate of Competency in 2021.

Soh Yong Cheng
Chief Officer, Soh Yong Cheng

SeaVoices reached out to Chief Officer Mr Soh Yong Cheng who applied for the Achievement incentive. He praised the initiative for being a great gesture, and for SMOU’s support of local seafarers. To him, the biggest encouragement was knowing that there is a community who supports him on his journey out at sea. Additionally, attaining his CoC Class 1 would enable him to work as a Master Mariner on board.

Interviewee - Monirul Hoque
3rd Officer, Monirul Hoque

Meanwhile, 3rd Officer Mr Monirul Hoque, who was also a recipient of the incentive under this category, commends how this move will be of great help to self-paying students. He had upgraded to CoC Class 2, and expressed that the initiative will aid him in having better career prospects in the industry and allow him to take up a more senior rank onboard the vessel. Additionally, the course has helped him acquire more knowledge and have better understanding on the tasks he performs at work.

Mr Khamdan
Home Trade Master, Mohamed Khamdan Bin Hamzah

The second category that members can apply for is the “Revalidation” incentive – Open to members (Singaporeans and PRs) who revalidates their Certificate of Competency in 2020/ 2021.

71 year old Master, Mr Mohamed Khamdan Bin Hamzah was one of the seafarers that revalidated his Class 4 CoC this year, and was elated to receive an incentive for doing so. Having been in this industry for 50 years, he had many stories to share. When asked on his plans to retire from seafaring, he laughed saying as long as he is mobile, he hopes to never retire due to his passion for the job.

As our country advances towards recovery, SMOU hopes to tide seafarers through with this initiative, and motivate them to advance in their seafaring career.

The SMOU Training Incentive will be running until 31 December 2021. Eligible seafarers may apply for the respective incentive by clicking here