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09 May 2023
2 mins
Festive Home Visits to SMOU Senior Members
Leong Seng Poo, SMOU member of 45 years
T Onn B T A Murad, SMOU member of 45 years

Amidst the busy preparations for the Lunar New Year celebrations, SMOU never fails to practise one thing – Caring and Sharing.

Mohamed Fajari Bin HJ Basri , SMOU member of 40 years
Han Seng Juan, SMOU member of 43 years
Goh Sin Siew Michael, SMOU member of 41 years
Derrick Arthur Joseph D’Souza, SMOU member of 35 years

During the Lunar New Year festive period, SMOU officials organised a string of heartwarming home visits to spread cheer to their senior members. As some of these senior members have mobility challenges, SMOU officials President Mr Rahim Jaffar, General Secretary Ms Mary Liew, Young SMOU (YSMOU) Chairman Mr Dominic Yong, Assistant Treasurer Mr Tan Geh Ting, Membership Committee Chairman Mr Tan Hung Tat, Secretary Mr Terence Tan, and Exco members Thani and Ismail visited their homes.

Chok Lip Chiew, SMOU member of 37 years & spouse Tan Boh Lan, SMOU member of 19 years
Wong Keng Hock, SMOU member of 44 years
Ho Ngiap Bah, SMOU member of 39 years
Chang Naip Heng, SMOU member of 27 years

Armed with festive hampers, red packets and Lohei the home visits brought about a sense of joy and warmth to these long-time members. Senior members were always eager and looking forward to these home visits as they get to catch up and reminisce with union officials. The senior members were grateful to SMOU for this personal touch of arranging a home visit with them, and always asked when they would come back to visit again.

Lim Jit Yong, SMOU member of 44 years
Tengku Mochammad Echman, SMOU member of 26 years

SMOU will always have a special place for members’ welfare and it was indeed a highlight for both senior SMOU members and union officials.