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22 May 2024
2 mins
Forging a More Inclusive World for Women

On 2 April, the Singapore Maritime Officers’ Union (SMOU), in collaboration with the Singapore Shipping Association (SSA) Young Executives Group, organised an event in celebration of the International Women’s Day (IWD), which falls on 8 March. This year’s theme is Inspire Inclusion where we acknowledge the achievements of women in the maritime industry, inspire others to understand and value women’s inclusion. The event focused on fostering a more inclusive world for women, with discussions centered on gender equity and women’s empowerment.

Attendees were divided into small groups for a roundtable discussion. Young SMOU (YSMOU) members Nur Fadhiilah and Hui Ying shared about the challenges faced by female seafarers and the efforts made by their shipping companies to create a more conducive environment onboard ships. Their candid sharing highlighted the importance of addressing gender disparities and fostering inclusivity within the maritime sector.

After the engaging roundtable discussion, participants congregated for a panel discussion, moderated by Kenneth Lim, Assistant Chief Executive at MPA.

4th Engineer Fadhiilah, who is also SMOU General Council member, joined by other esteemed panellists – Caroline Yang, President of SSA, Michael Phoon, Executive Director of SSA, Chia Shan Ming, Business Development Manager at Austen Maritime Services and Vanessa Xavier, Regional Credit Manager at Peninsula.

The panelists were tasked with selecting a resume based solely on merits for a designated job position. The exercise not only showcased the diverse perspectives of the panelists but also sparked meaningful conversations about the qualities and attributes that women need to succeed in male-dominated industries. The panelists shared personal anecdotes and examples from their workplaces to improve on embracing inclusivity. The valuable insights shared inspired maritime professionals to celebrate diversity and women empowerment in the maritime sector.

The dialogue served as a platform to celebrate the achievements of women in the maritime industry while addressing the challenges they face. It highlighted the collective effort needed to create an inclusive and equitable environment where women can thrive and excel.

In solidarity, let us reaffirm our commitment to create a world where all women are empowered, valued, and included.