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26 Jul 2019
2 mins
Great Exchange Among Young Unionists

Young SMOU officials joined other youth representatives from over 40 affiliate youth unions for the Young NTUC Workplan Seminar in Mania, Philippines. The objective of the seminar was for young leaders to build consensus and to be aligned towards doing more for young working adults in the workforce.

The exchange started off with a visit to Surbana Jurong Pte Ltd, an infrastructure and urban development company where the youths learn how the company adapted technology to improve their productivity.

No learning journey is complete without a visit to the local union. Youths had a dialogue session with SENTRO, a local union representing workers who come from various labour sectors. At the Makati Medical Centre, young unionists experienced an engaging session with student union leaders.

Young unionists were split into groups to pit against each other in an amazing race style game in Makati City on the last day. Many experienced the spirit of cohesiveness, while being immersed in the vibrant and rich culture of the Philippines.

“The sharing session with SENTRO has provided insights of the realities working in the Philippines and the challenges workers face. This workplan trip has definitely taught me to be more appreciative of our tripartite partners and the efforts to retrain and reskill our workers for the future. ”

– Dominic Yong, Young SMOU Chairman


“This workplan has broadened my perspective and knowledge on unionism in Philippines as well as learning the differences in culture and education system. Hearing about the challenges that the young unionists faced, reminded us not to take things for granted. We should be glad that there is a strong tripartism in place in Singapore. ”

– Sherry Tan, Young SMOU Secretary


“It is very heartening to know that the youths are in collaboration and that there are capable individuals who will stand firm in representing the well-being of the community while also giving a voice to the people of their community. ”

– Brandon Tan, Young SMOU Member