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30 Jun 2023
4 mins
Growing the Maritime Community with Young Mariners’ Networking

Co-organised by the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA) and Young SMOU (YSMOU), the Young Mariners’ Networking is a platform for the youth in the maritime industry to broaden their network and to learn from one another through interactions.

On 19 May 2023, some 100 students from Singapore Maritime Academy (SMA) and Institute of Technological Education (ITE) College Central embarked on a ‘voyage’ of maritime discovery, as they as they took part in a “build-a-ship” teambuilding activity and learnt about Maritime Singapore Decarbonisation efforts and seafarers’ rights.

The Young Mariners’ Networking kickstarted with an ice-breaker, which grouped students into a good mix from different institutes, where each youth shared a unique quality about themselves

The ice-breaker starter prepared each group for the teambuilding challenge. Provided with a set of recycled materials, group members had to put on their thinking caps and work together to “Build-A-Ship”. Students were seen bringing more recycled materials to reinforce the look of their ship. Every group member played a part in the shipbuilding process, guided by young seafarers who volunteered to be facilitators.

LAM - 349

Wong Xiang Yi reminisced about a similar ship-building experience that she had during her first year of study at the Diploma in Marine Engineering course. “When I heard that we were actually making a ship today, I was kind of excited. It was fun, I really enjoyed myself today.”

Having completed the shipbuilding task, each group’s teamwork was put to the test, as they raced against other groups in a ship relay. This is where speed and tactics count. Everyone ran their hardest and fastest, with the hope of clinching the fastest team award for the relay.

Ms Pauline Chua, Assistant Director (Marinetech & Digital Capabilities) from MPA shared Maritime Singapore Decarbonisation Blueprint: Working Towards 2050 which charts ambitious and concrete long-term strategies to build a sustainable Maritime Singapore. She elaborated how ports and ships are working towards the goal of a lower carbon emission.

SMOU Secretary, Brother Terence Tan shared about Knowing Your Rights as a seafarer. Through his sharing, the participants were enlightened on the issue of their rights in the work setting and that the Union is there to safeguard the interest and well-being of seafarers.

The Young Mariners’ Networking rounded off with a networking dinner. But not without first presenting prizes to the top three fastest teams in the ship relay and for the most creative ship.

Brother Terence and Ms Wan Fei Fei, Deputy Director, Seafarers Management Department of MPA presented the prizes to the winning teams.

During the networking dinner, the students had the opportunity to interact with representatives from MPA and YSMOU. The ‘voyage’ of maritime discovery activities piqued the interest of students, many of whom took the chance to understand more about the seafaring career from young seafaring officers. The Young Mariners’ Networking is a commendable effort by YSMOU and MPA to strengthen the Singapore core and to sustain the growth of Maritime Singapore.

“Today’s event was well organised, as we got to bond together through the build-a-ship teambuilding challenge and the relay”

Iman Herlini, Higher Nitec in Maritime Business, ITE College Central

“I would like to have more social events like these where I can meet and network with the seafarers, so that I can broaden my network. Who knows one day I might be working with one of them.”

Rifqi Syahmi, Diploma in Nautical Studies, Singapore Maritime Academy

“I find the Young Mariners’ Networking event is enriching for our younger generation of seafarers to expand their horizons in the maritime industry, which is a fulfilling path.”

Mohamed Irfan, 4th Engineer, Young SMOU Member