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07 Feb 2023
2 mins
ITF Asia Pacific Youth Conference 2022

After more than 2 years of absence due to the COVID-19 pandemic, young delegates across different sectors gathered in Manila, Philippines for the International Transport Workers’ Federation (ITF) Asia Pacific Youth Conference on 16th October 2022, kicking off a week of discussions and conversations. With more than 120 participants attending the conference, Young SMOU Chairman, Brother Dominic Yong co-chaired the youth conference with Sister Preeti Singh of India.

During the conference, ‘Job Security for Young Workers’ was voted as a priority of the Asia Pacific region. To this, Sister Baker Khundakji, ITF Young Transport Workers’ Officer invited delegates to take the conference as an opportunity to come together in solidarity and strengthen support for young workers. Delegates shared about their ongoing efforts to organise stronger and more united campaigning efforts which include sustainable and greener transport, a more robust youth network that focuses on capacity building programmes.

Brother Dominic shared on Young SMOU’s work in the recent years, highlighting efforts during the pandemic to help seafaring members tide through the difficult times. This include assistance ranging from financial support, alternative temporary employment, engagement with seafarers to understand concerns, training, and others.

He also shared on how SMOU in recent months has progressively returned to organising physical in-person activities as the situation of the pandemic has stabilised. Participants were inspired by the sharing of Singapore’s model of Tripartism, and how Young SMOU takes a holistic approach towards its members.

The conference ended on a positive note with Brother Dominic being nominated as a youth regional representative to the 2024 ITF Congress in Morocco.