Act Four: SMOU Care for Seniors

  • Post published:29 September 2021

SMOU’s outreach to Henderson Senior Citizen Home on 26 August 2021 added to the Union’s slew of collective efforts to show care and share. The effort, as part of the 4th Act of SMOU’s “7 Acts of Caring & Sharing” initiative, was lauded by Member of Parliament Mr Eric Chua who joined SMOU General Secretary Ms Mary Liew, SMOU Treasurer Mr Yong Soon Huat, SMOU Immediate Past President and Advisory Committee Chairman of the Henderson Home Captain Robin Foo, SMOU officials, and SMOU volunteers in the outreach.

“The past one and half to two years has not been easy. It was very tough for the seniors and I appreciate their understanding on why measures have to be taken in order to prevent the spread of COVID-19,”said Brother Eric Chua, who is also an SMOU Advisor. The elderly may feel socially isolated when their usual gatherings at the Kopitiam are restricted. It has never been more important to be connected, to show care and share, than now. “To the SMOU Family, thank you for stepping up the good work,” Brother Eric added.

The challenging times have indeed brought the best out of the SMOU volunteers. Sister Mary and Brother Yong were onsite cheering the volunteers on and serving the community alongside them. Beaming with gratitude, Sister Mary commented: “I am very grateful for each and every one of our selfless SMOU volunteers. They are truly heroes whom we can count on to do amazing work with so much joy. They make it possible for SMOU to carry out the 7 Acts of Care and Share and make a difference.”

In collaboration with NTUC Health, care bags and lunch sets were distributed to the seniors at the outreach. The bags contained daily necessities and protective items so that seniors can continue to keep safe and well during this period. The gesture of care goes a long way to encourage and remind the seniors that their well-being remains a priority for SMOU and reinforces the Union’s value of caring for the community.

Said Tay Zhen Wei, former Henderson Home Centre Manager, “SMOU has been an integral part of Henderson Home for many years. We are very blessed to have SMOU adopting the Henderson Senior Activity Centre, Day Care and Home. While we cannot organise large events due to safe distancing, outreaches like this continue to serve as a heart-warming reminder that we are a family here. Our seniors feel appreciated and included in the community.”

“Thank you SMOU for bringing so much cheer to us and giving us gifts!”

– Mdm Lim Sai Keow, 73 years old, Resident at Henderson Home

“Every year and festive season without fail, SMOU will be here to bless us. I wish them all the best on their 70th Anniversary.”

– Mr Yap Che Meng

“I didn’t have much time to serve when I was working. Now that I am retired, and after benefitting so much from SMOU, this is a good way to pay it forward. It is very meaningful to volunteer. It is also very encouraging to see so many Young SMOU members coming forward to do good for the community.”

-Mr Michael Pay, Former Marine Engineer and SMOU Member for more than 20 years

“Appreciating the older generation by volunteering is the least that I can do to help make their lives better.”

– YSMOU Volunteer, Farhan Fadillah

“Seeing the smiles of the seniors makes the effort of showing care and concern worthwhile. I am following the footsteps of my father who is also an SMOU member.”

– YSMOU Volunteer, Muhammad Fareez Bin Alias

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