Act Two: SMOU Clothes Donation Drive – Care for the Fishermen

  • Post published:28 May 2021

In continuation of SMOU’s seven acts of “Caring and Sharing”, the second act “SMOU Clothes Donation Drive – Care for the Fishermen” involved clothing donations from SMOU members for the fishermen at the Jurong Fishery Port.

SMOU members took the opportunity to contribute their pre-loved clothes for a good cause. “I had encouraged my family and colleagues to participate in this clothes donation drive. I certainly look forward to participating in more of SMOU’s ‘Caring & Sharing’ initiatives and hope that more members will join in this meaningful initiative to give back to the community,” said Mr Foo See Kent, SMOU member of 22 years.

7 Acts of Caring & Sharing

Behind the scenes, volunteers from Young SMOU lent their support by helping to sort out the clothes and prepare care boxes containing essential items for the fishermen.

In April 2021, Young SMOU Chairman Mr Dominic Yong, together with representatives from SMOU headed down to the Jurong Fishery Port Seafarers’ Welfare Centre with the donated clothing and care boxes.  The Welfare Centre was set up by the Migrant Workers’ Centre (MWC) to function as a refuge for fishermen docked at the port, as well as a space for them to rest, recharge, and communicate with their loved ones at home. The visit to the centre was joined by MWC Assistant Manager (Operations & Project Finance) Ms Siva and International Lutheran Seafarers’ Mission (ILSM) Assistant to Port Chaplain Mr Yuen.

“Having to spend months away from home, fishermen often struggle to earn enough to support their families. The COVID-19 pandemic has deepened their woes, with movement restrictions affecting their work. As a union, together with SMOU Executive Committee Members, we want to extend a helping hand by giving back to the fishermen and to thank them for being the backbone of the fishing industry.” Mr Dominic Yong, Young SMOU Chairman

“MWC is happy to partner with SMOU in the Clothes Donation Drive initiative, as one of the seven acts of “Caring and Sharing”. The items donated will come in handy and useful to the fishermen as they spend a long time out at sea with limited access to essential items. Most importantly, we hope the care boxes will go a long way in improving their welfare and making them feel that they are cared for.” Ms Siva, Assistant Manager (Operations & Project Finance), MWC

Mr Yuen from ILSM shared that morale of the fishermen has been boosted greatly, knowing that SMOU is looking out for their welfare, and will lend a helping hand to improve their welfare and well-being.

(from left) Mr Dominic Yong, YSMOU Chairman, Ms Siva, MWC Assistant Manager (Operations & Project Finance) and Mr Yuen, ILSM Assistant to Port Chaplain

It was indeed a heartwarming visit, knowing that the lives of the fishermen were positively impacted by the union’s ‘Caring and Sharing’ initiative.