Bringing Mid-Autumn Joy to Jalan Besar

  • Post published:31 October 2023

The United Nations has designated 1st October as the International Day of Older Persons, and in celebration of Mid-Autumn festival, SMOU reached out to Jalan Besar seniors through a mooncake making workshop, followed by distribution of care bags on27 September 2023.

For over 20 years, SMOU has consistently demonstrated the core value of Caring and Sharing; by giving back to the senior residents in the Jalan Besar community.

Young SMOU (YSMOU) Chairman Brother Dominic Yong welcomed seniors and acknowledged the role they play in the community and their contributions. He also thanked all the youth volunteers for their commitment and kindness.

20 seniors were brought to a baking studio together with the YSMOU volunteers, to learn the skills and techniques in making traditional baked mooncakes. For many of them, it was their first time making the mooncake from scratch. Mr Woo, member of the King George’s Avenue Seniors Activity Centre (KGA SAC), shared that “It’s a unique experience to be making mooncake, instead of buying from the shelf. As it was my first-time making mooncake, it was not easy, but with the hands-on experience and help, I was able to learn easily.”

Mr Woo (Pictured Right)

Step by step guidance was provided, as the seniors combined the right measurement of ingredients to form the mooncake dough; wrapped the paste with the pastry; shaped and moulded the mooncake and prepared it for the bake. With the volunteers’ assistance, the seniors were able to master the art of making delectable mooncakes.

After putting the mooncake into the oven, the seniors and volunteers had lunch together. The relaxed ambience created a buzz of activity as seniors engaged in candid conversations with the volunteers.

As soon as lunch was taken, the mooncakes were baked.  A look at the nicely baked creations is all it takes to please the seniors. They were over the moon! Mdm Linda Tan (below photo, on the left), member of the KGA SAC, was grateful for the opportunity to take part in this mooncake making workshop.

Following the workshop and lunch, the seniors headed back to KGA SAC.

Ms Denise Phua, Mayor of Central Singapore District and Member of Parliament of Jalan Besar GRC joined by SMOU officials President Brother Rahim Jaffar, Emeritus General Secretary Brother Thomas Tay and KGA SAC Chairman Mr Chia Cheng Ghee, in the presentation of care bags to Jalan Besar seniors.

Ms Denise Phua thanked SMOU for constantly looking out for the seniors of Jalan Besar. She also recognised the efforts of volunteers for their time and service. Knowing that the seniors had already learnt how to make mooncakes, Ms Phua reminded them to share their freshly baked mooncakes with their neighbours and friends. “It is important to be able to give and take in life,” she said.

Extending their care, the team of SMOU officials and volunteers visited and delivered care bags to senior residents who have mobility difficulties. The home visits brought immense happiness to these seniors.

At the KGA SAC, after the distribution, volunteers offered helping hands to bring care bags to the doorsteps of seniors.

From mooncake making workshop to gifting of care bags, SMOU reached out and brought cheer to 120 seniors at Jalan Besar.

We would also like to thank the youth volunteers who have assisted in packing of the care bags!