Celebrating World Maritime Day at Jurong Fishery Port

  • Post published:16 October 2023

SMOU celebrated World Maritime Day with fishermen workers at the Jurong Fishery Port on 28 September 2023, to acknowledge their hard work and contribution to the maritime industry.

In collaboration with Migrant Workers Centre (MWC) and in line with this year’s World Maritime Day theme of commitment towards sustainability, SMOU organised a donation drive, where SMOU members contributed pre-loved apparel and accessories in the month of September.

With the donations and goodie bags, SMOU visited Jurong Fishery Port Seafarers’ Welfare Centre, run by MWC partner, the International Lutheran Seafarers Mission (ILSM). SMOU representatives were welcomed by ILSM Port Chaplain, Reverend Andreas and member of the ILSM Board, Pastor Rita Wong.

At the Seafarers’ Welfare Centre, SMOU presented boxes containing apparel and accessories; and goodie bags containing necessities such as body wash, tooth paste, carton of water, coffee and biscuits.

The donations and gifts blessed close to 80 fishermen from 4 vessels. Some 20 fishermen also came to handpick clothings that were donated by SMOU members.

The beneficiaries were happy with all the gifts and appreciation showered upon them. Wishing everyone a Happy World Maritime Day.