Connecting Through Teambuilding

  • Post published:10 November 2021

The ongoing heightened measures did not deter Young SMOU (YSMOU) from engaging and reaching out to the youth. On 27 October 2021, some 17 youth members gathered virtually to take part in the ‘Escape Room – The Chronicles of Chinatown’ activity, where they would bond through the team building activity, and at the same time get to know a brief history of Chinatown in the process.

To kick off the event, an icebreaker game was played between teams to help youth members warm up to each other. After which, the escape room game commenced. Team members discussed and worked together to solve several challenging puzzles in order to emerge as the winners.

Following the game, a networking session was facilitated by YSMOU officials to catch up with the youth members. Some of the youth took this opportunity to impart advice and personal sailing experience to the newer seafarers who were about to go on their first voyage. Along with advocating the importance of mental health, others took the chance to enquire on Collective Bargaining Agreement matters as well as matters on upgrading of their Certificate of Competency.

The virtual youth outreach, not only allows the youth member to have fun through the teambuilding activity, it also provides a platform for the youth members to exchange meaningful stories and foster new connections.


“It was a fruitful session as it allowed me to interact with a handful of experienced seafarers. They not only shared their experiences, but some tips that would make a positive difference during my cadetship as well. The event also gave me some insights into the maritime industry, giving me the assurance and preparation that I would need stepping into it. As a student stepping into a new environment, I’m grateful to attend an event that allowed me to build connections within the industry as well as to understand the culture for better assimilation.”

Petrina Tan, Engine Cadet

“The event was very well organised and interactive. We were able to engage with each other throughout the event, and worked together to get through the stages in the game. This kind of networking event is beneficial for seafaring members like myself, to be able to meet and engage with our fellow colleagues who are from the same industry. I am really glad to have joined in this event. Thank you SMOU!”

Aaron Chan, 2nd Officer