Developing Officers as Shipboard Trainers

  • Post published:23 August 2023

The seafaring profession is a very specialised career, especially where Nautical & Marine Engineering Officers refine their practical knowledge and skills beginning as Cadets onboard ships as part of their on-job training journey.

This places a strong emphasis on Senior Shipboard Officers who are required to also impart their knowledge and experiences to the future generation of Seafarers.

Wavelink Maritime Institute (WMI) introduced a new programme for seafaring professionals on 15 August 2023 titled “Training The Shipboard Trainer In You”.

The programme is designed to equip ship officers with the necessary skills and knowledge to become effective trainers on board ship.

The inaugural programme was delivered by Capt Stanley Siaw and was attended by some 20 maritime professionals and Officers from Singapore, Malaysia, China, Pakistan, Philippines and Myanmar.

Participants learnt new techniques to engage learners through creating impactful interactive training sessions and fostering an inclusive and collaborative learning culture onboard commercial ships that are all encompassing across diverse nationalities and cultural backgrounds.

When planning and managing training sessions onboard ships, participants also learnt to adapt accordingly to overcome the traditional resource limitations onboard ships, creating effective learning environments and adapting accordingly to the learning methods that the younger seafarers may be accustomed to.

Maritime professionals and seafaring officers from Alfa Ship Managers, PACC Ship Managers, Pacific International Lines and Raffles Technical Services participated in the inaugural session of this new programme.

Through such new programmes, WMI hopes to promote a culture of a continuous lifelong learning journey across the maritime industry.