Faces of SMOU: Aminur Rahman, From Sea to Shore to Giving Back with SMOU

  • Post published:20 April 2022

Aminur Rahman is a man who has clocked an illustrious career in the maritime industry both at sea and shore. At sea for 18 years and at shore in Singapore for 15 years (and counting); from war zones to safe havens, Aminur has experienced it all.

Tell us more about your career development in the maritime sector.

I had served with different Shipping Company starting my sea career as Engine Cadet in the year 1990 and progressed through 4th Engineer, 3rd Engineer, 2nd Engineer and finally attained the highest rank as Chief Engineer in Merchant ship in the year 2004. I have continued sailing till the year 2007 when I stepped ashore to continue my service in the shipping sector.

You began your career in Singapore in 2007?

Yes, at Ocean Tankers as a Technical Superintendent. One of the highlights of my career was undertaking some projects such as the Conversion project of a Single hull tanker to double-hull tankers, a present day’s requirement by the International Maritime Organization (IMO).

I also joined ADK Maritime Pte Ltd as a technical Manager and ABS to work with the classification society before returning to join ADK Maritime.

Currently, I am a Technical Manager at Dry Log Services in Singapore with duties encompassing ship maintenance and resolving technical issues onboard as well as overseeing the technical team of technical superintendents and executives in addition to ensuring the compliance to all shipping regulations. All in all, I am in charge of Technical Department for 8 ships which are trading internationally.

What kept you going in the maritime industry?

My career has been fulfilling thus far and this is a great motivation that keeps me moving forward.

As a leading international maritime centre, Singapore aims to develop a comprehensive range of maritime ancillary services to provide one-stop service for all port, shipping, and maritime activities. There are currently over 5,000 maritime companies in Singapore – including over 130 international shipping groups – forming an important anchor for the country’s international maritime centre. In the future ahead, I know that Singapore plans to enhance its services by offering ship management, financing and broking, marine insurance and legal services, and maritime and offshore engineering and I want to be a part of this, contributing to the further success of Singapore as a global maritime hub.

So do you think the sea career is a promising career?

Indeed. From time to time I find myself encouraging people to take up a sea career as a very good career development path. Shipping industry is making a big contribution to Singapore’s economy and there are plenty of job opportunities for Singaporeans to fill.

What did you go through when the COVID-19 pandemic hit?

There was much apprehension and uncertainty when the COVID-19 pandemic disrupted the world. Many maritime activities had to cease during the lockdown.

My colleagues and I were concerned about the impact of the disruption but were relieved that we were able to provide logistical services such as ship inspections, crew change, food and store supplies, at the time when many countries’ ports were closed and crew change was ruled out. If that had happened in Singapore, we would have been under threat of losing our jobs.

My company was affected for a few days, but once safe distancing measures were put in place at the workplace with split team arrangements, it was business as usual.

The maritime services in Singapore can be fulfilled without any hitches, thereby increasing investor confidence.”

When did you become a member of SMOU?

I have been a member of SMOU since 2011.

The pandemic did not stop the Union from reaching out to the members. I participated in many interesting online activities such as baking and cooking lessons.

SMOU celebrated its 70th anniversary in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic by organising a virtual dinner party. During the virtual event, everyone gathered, interacted and had dinner together like a big family. I cannot think of any organisation that could have done such a thoughtful and personalised treatment as what we experienced.

Aminur at SMOU's Volunteering Event, Festive Baking for Henderson Home Seniors

By volunteering in the senior outreach activities to the Henderson Home and Jalan Besar community, I witnessed first-hand how the Union went beyond the confines of the membership base and reached out to the community. It is truly heart-warming to know that the Union cares.

And with supportive members like Aminur, SMOU will care on!